Finalist Designs

Finalist Designs

High school students – the County’s next generation – were asked to submit thoughtful flag designs representative an inclusive representation of Cook County, the rich diversity of its residents, the beauty of its landscape, the innovation of its institutions, and the pride of our history.

Nearly 300 designs from students at 40 high schools across Cook County were narrowed by an appointed Flag Advisory Panel to six finalists now being considered by the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

Each flag submission went through its own individual design journey starting with a student’s vision. The students spent time honing and refining their work with their professional design mentors. Take a look through these imaginative submissions.

  • Freedom Flag

    Freedom Flag

    Student Designer / Jaime Fregoso Mentor/ Martinez E-B

  • Harmony Flag

    Harmony Flag

    Student Designer / Alex Tomy (he/him/his) Mentor / Denny Liu

  • I Will Flag

    I Will Flag

    Student Mentor / Drew Duffy Designer / Martin Burciaga

  • Our Star Flag

    Our Star Flag

    Student Designer / Sofia Hogue Student Designer / Ryan Bradley Mentor / Scott Rench

  • Strides for Cook County Flag

    Strides for Cook County Flag

    Student Designer / Rayn White Student Designer / Charlye Hunt Mentor / Carl Vogel

  • The New Century Flag

    The New Century Flag

    Student Designer / Tim Mellman Mentor / Josh Witherspoon