Introducing “I WIll”

The “I Will” flag, designed by Drew Duffy and Martin Burciaga has been named the official new flag of Cook County.

The “I Will” flag is a representation of our lands, culture, history, and the core values that bring us together — different from a depiction of the physical boundaries that separate.

The flag ensures that we will reflect on the past while focusing on what we will build moving forward — and that we will continue to strive to build the best county we can.

Download “I Will”:

Meet the “I Will” Designers



Student Designer / Jaime Fregoso
Mentor / Martinez E-B


Student Designer / Alex Tomy
Mentor / Denny Liu

I Will Banner

Student Designer / Andrew Duffy
Mentor / Martin Burciaga

Our Star

Student Designer / Sofia Hogue & Ryan Bradley
Mentor / Scott Rench

Strides for Cook County

Student Designer / Charlye Hunt & Rayn White
Mentor / Carl Vogel

The New Century Flag

Student Designer / Tim Mellman
Mentor / Josh Witherspoon


Rolling Stars Flag

Student Designer / Molly Armbruster Student Designer / Caleb Braziel Mentor / Lauren Meranda

Freedom Flag

Student Designer / Jaime Fregoso Mentor/ Martinez E-B

Dynamic Tricolor Flag

Student Designer / Julia Gamboa Student Designer / Angela Almanza Mentor / Mark Jarzemsky

Our Star Flag

Student Designer / Sofia Hogue Student Designer / Ryan Bradley Mentor / Scott Rench

New Union Flag

Student Designer / Alejandra Navarrete Mentor / Jonathan Meitus

I Will Flag

Student Mentor / Drew Duffy Designer / Martin Burciaga

Lakeview Flag

Student Designer / Allison Lemmon Mentor / John Galetka

County Stars

Student Designer / Noami Balderas Student Designer / Maeve Clifford Mentor / Jonathan Meitus

Harmony Flag

Student Designer / Alex Tomy (he/him/his) Mentor / Denny Liu


Alex Tomy

Alex Tomy (he/him/his) Student Designer

Tim Mellman

Tim Mellman (he/him or they/them) Student Designer


Dave Straus

Vice President of Sales & Marketing Chicago American Manufacturing LLC

Scott Rench

Associate Creative Director Keurig Dr Pepper Inc

Jim Kelly

Executive Creative Director closerlook, inc.

Denny Liu

Senior Designer The Office of Experience

Lisa Lee

Executive Director National Public Housing Museum

Carl Vogel

Director of Communications Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Faiz Razi

Design Faculty Northwestern University