Edward Carr II

Edward Carr II


1. How does the flag you designed represent who you are and what you care about? 
The flags I designed represent me because I care about hope, harmony, and freedom.  If we have those things, Chicago and Cook County will be peaceful and strong. 

2.  Why did you decide to join the Flag 2021 competition?
I decided to join the Flag 2021 competition because I’m a good artist, and I want to show my pride in Cook County through my art. 

3. What did you learn about Cook County that surprised you?
Something I learned about Cook County that surprised me is that there are six regions in Cook County.  

4. Tell us a short story about your collaboration with your flag mentor/partner(s).
I remember the excitement that Faiz Razi had when he told us how much the committee liked my “Harmony” flag design.  That made me feel good.  I worked hard on it and it made me happy that the committee liked that design.