Martinez E-B

Martinez E-B
Adjunct Professor, Harper College Art Department


Design Mentor: Freedom Flag

1. What inspired you to become a mentor for the Flag 2021 competition?

I find the idea/notion of a flag to be amazing and I was intrigued by the idea of working with a student designer in the efforts of creating a wide-reaching visual identity piece for the face of Cook county.

2. Through this experience what did you learn from your student, and what did you hope to impart upon your student?

I hope that the student I worked with learned about the since of accomplishment that comes from having a goal and then being willing to revise, rework, and reimagine your tasks so that a goal may be achieved. During the process I had to learn how much of myself to offer and how much to scale back, as my student had a large amount of respect for my practice as an artist, but it was important for me and for the project that we created the students’ design.

3. Tell us about a favorite memory you have working with your student(s).

There isn’t simply one favorite memory. But I will say that the back and forth was fun as I was able to watch the student grow more confident each week as we reworked the in-progress version of the design. As an artist and an instructor, I have a pure enjoyment in watching students learn to be confident in their work.