Connection Flag

About the Connection Flag

The blue represents the waters of the county—Lake Michigan, the Chicago River, etc. The 6 stars and the 6 points on the stars stand for the 6 regions of the county. The yellow represents the sun shining equally over the 6 regions of the county. The orange stripes over the blue stand for the bridges over the waters in the county.

The 4 blue stripes and the 3 orange stripes together stand for Cook County being a diverse area that has people from all of the 7 continents (including, in the case of Antarctica, the many scientists in the county who have worked and lived there temporarily for their research.

Idealistically, blue stands for peace and calm. Orange stands for connection. The yellow on the stands for hope and happiness, as well as hard work and education.

Faiz Razi

Design Faculty Northwestern University

Faiz Razi

Faiz Razi
Design Faculty, Northwestern University


Design Mentor: Connection Flag, Harmony II Flag

1. What inspired you to become a mentor for the Flag 2021 competition?
I was asked by my colleague Martinez E-B to participate as he’s aware of my long teaching history, and I can almost never pass up the chance for some friendly competition. 

2. Through this experience what did you learn from your student, and what did you hope to impart upon your student?
I had the luck of working with two separate students for this challenge, Edward Carr and Deahvyon Jones. I came in with very few preconceived notions, and just wanted to help them push their ideas forward into something fresh and exciting, while still keeping their visions intact. 

3. Tell us about a favorite memory you have working with your student(s).
My favorite memory of the process was seeing their work for the first time, and getting excited at the possibilities. Both of these gentlemen started off with visually striking ideas rendered in colored pencil. Pushing these into ‘flag format’ (i.e. consistent stripe sizes, proportionality, unified star shapes, etc.) took a bit of work, but the end result still showed off their ideas with some of my design flourishes that made them shine.

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