Lakeview Flag

About the Lakeview Flag

This flag represents three big ideas that identify Cook County for all that it is worth. The first big idea represented in this flag design is water, specifically Lake Michigan. This is shown in the design through the three different shades of blue and wavy pattern that artistically represents water. On the other side of the water is the land in which our county sits on represented through the green section of the design. The second big idea represented in my flag design is the population of Cook County and how big it is. Cook County is the second-most populous county in our country and the most populated county in Illinois with over 5.2 million residents. This is represented through the big circle in the middle of the design. The people are what our county is centered around, so the big circle in the middle perfectly represents that. The last big idea represented in this design builds off of the circle and is the six regions of Cook County. All of the residents of the county live in these six regions, so in order to represent that, the circle is split into six sections. The yellow color was chosen to stick with the colors on our county seal and incorporate the yellow from that into my flag design. Every aspect of this design has a meaning behind it and together represent what Cook County is.