The People

the elements inside my flag were two Holding hands , i chose this element to be inside my flag to represent different races holding hands becoming one.I put two people inside holding hands, as a form of being equal and ignoring the fact that it is male and female. 6 Blue hearts on each side, to symbolize the Chicago flag and the colors along with it, to me racism is a big thing,I believe that no matter what everyone should get treated fairly and the color of someones skin should not change the fact that we are all humans, we all have hearts.

The Mix

The city, wheat, water, and trees represent the versatility of Cook County. The plane and rtees also show a contrast of technology and nature. The symbol on the flag means there is a balance within Cook County. We have a mixture of different races, technology, and nature.

The Lake Life

My flag includes Lake Michigan and the four stars from the Chicago Flag. The four stars on the Chicago Flag represent very important events in Chicago history. Lake Michigan is one of the many reasons why Chicago is loved by so many tourists, citizens, and natives of the city. The two colors on the flag are red and blue. The blue represents beautiful Lake Michigan. The red represents the blood shed on the four events/stars of the Chicago flag.

The Golden Wheel

The Golden Wheel. This flag represents the lake and rivers(blue), the forest preserve (green) and our economy(yellow). The orange symbolizes the sun that rises over our great Lake Michigan. The white of the flag symbolizes brilliance, perfection, and illumination because so many amazing people come from cook county. The white also symbolizes the cold winter cook county faces.

The Flag of Cook County

On the flag, red and blue were used as base colors for the country’s flag. The trees were present to represent the forest preserves as well as how well our county treats nature so well. The bird shown perched on the building represents a bald eagle also shown on the Illinois state flag. The idea behind the stars was to show the cities that are in the county. There is a Chicago skyline as well as a skyline from houses the suburbs to show the diversity of living styles citizens in cook county have.

The Five Missions of Cook County

The large, red five-pointed star placed in the middle of the flag symbolizes one of the six geographical regions of Cook County, the city of Chicago. The green five-pointed stars represent the other five suburban regions of Cook County (North, Northwest, West, Southwest, South), with the color green symbolizing nature in Cook County. The five-pointed stars represent the five main missions of Cook County. The light gray background of the flag represents the various modes of transportation within the County. Finally, the two light blue stripes on both sides of the flag represent Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.

The County Circle

The backdrop of the city of Chicago and the gray color stands for the industrial wealth of the city and its importance to the county.

The circle represents the unity, bordered with railroad tracks and the strong connections to the railroad industry.

The bottom half inside the circle is a deeper blue, symbolizing Lake Michigan. The top half is a rich green, representing the forest preserves and the natural beauty of the county.

The five yellow points harmoniously arranged outside the circle are meant to represent the five districts of the county, separate bright points in concordance with the same body.

The county itself is the focus of the flag, and yellow was chosen to symbolize hope for an ever better future, reminiscent of sunlight.

Red symbolizes life and vigor, while also pointing to the history of the county, by displaying the founding date.

The Cook County Circle

The Cook County Circle flag represents the center of Cook County being Chicago, interpreted by the red circle in the middle, surrounded by blue to represent the lake. The blue lines making their way out of the circle represent the rivers coming out of the lake and the red lines represent the railroads that once connected the country going into Chicago, the once railroad capitol of the country.

The Cook County Star

The blue on one side of the flag represents Chicago because it has that ‘blizzard blue’ type of color and the red on the other side of the flag represents Cook County’s Heath because they are known for there health program and benefits. In the middle its has a six pointed start to represent the regions in cook county. Always so it could have the Chicago Vibe since Chicago is one of the leading things in Cook County.

The Cook County Flag

The green represents the Forest Preserve and the blue represents Lake Michigan. The two red stars represent the six main geographic regions of the County. The Chicago Y symbol represents the two branches of the Chicago River unifying together as one. The green represents the Forest Preserve and the blue represents Lake Michigan. The two red stars represent the six main geographic regions of the County. The Chicago Y symbol represents the two branches of the Chicago River unifying together as one.

The Cook County Column

The lower part of the column represents our past with five pillars of the county: Agriculture, Trade, Technology, Cooperation and Comunity; the scroll represents the present based on law and knowledge and the ten rays represent the ten digits of our two hands to remind us that the future is in our hands. The three colors of the flag symbolize the elements of the enviroment. Green, the land, Blue the waterways, and White sunlight.

The Cook County (CC) Way

The CC Way was designed to represent peace and justice amongst its people./ The colors were chosen in hopes to portray a sense of realism. The contrast in skintone betweeen the two hands is meant to represent the diversity within Cook County. The trees are meant to reveal the importance and beauty of nature to the country and its people. The reason I chose the color red as the outline color of the peace sign is because red represents strength and love.

The Community

The school represents the teachers that help us learn, police station represents the officers that keep us safe. The fire station represents the fire fighters that help us when in danger, and the people represent how we are all equal. Color Meanings: Red-Strength, Blue-Peace, Orange-Balance, Purple-Wisdom, Black-Strength

The Centenarian

To start out, I chose the three most iconic colors associated with the Chicagoland area which were blue, white, and red. They were color code matched to the specific colors that we represent. Next, there is a gradient layer in the middle section which represents the large help lake Michigan is to us as well as representing our ability to change smoothly. For years, Chicago has been one of the three main hubs in the United States and Lake Michigan is certainly something that has helped us thrive as well as being highly appreciated by the Chicago population. Lastly, there is one main star in the middle which represents Chicago (the main capital) as well as five surrounding stars which represent regions around it including the North, Northwest, West, Southwest, and the South. Cook County is a strong region which has provided many opportunities and futures for many young Americans as well as immigrants.

The Best of Cook County

in the background of the flag, I placed the same color of blue as the Chicago flag and to represent Lake Michigan. By adding the same color as the Chicago flag, I wanted people to somewhat link the flags together to know what county it represents. Next, I put two green diagonal lines to represent the forest preserves. I then added a bordered circle to represent unity amongst the diverse residents who live in cook county. The two lred lines represent health care. The six six sided stars represent the six regions of cook county.

Sun Rising

the green outline represents our county’s amazing forest preserves. the yellow band on the bottom represents farms and agriculture, which is what our country grew from. the blue band on the bottom is representative of our Lake Michigan and all the other awesome lakes, rivers, ponds in our county. the sun is obviously representing the beautiful sunrise over our lake but on addition to that, each ray of sun represents a region. the city of Chicago and the north, south, northwest, west, and southwest suburbs. all those regions are connected to the sun displaying our amazing, unique community. it is our differences and different background, beliefs, wants and needs that bring us together and create one of the best cities and counties. the circle is the 5.2 of us living and coexisting together.


The Colors in the image all represent either a problem, object, or resolution to a problem inside of Cook County. The red in the image represents killing and the blood of these people being killed inside of Chicago, the blue represents a sign of peace and the waves from Lake Michigan, and the black represents strength to the people going through family and friends dying from gang and gun violence. The wave like symbol in the top right and bottom left represent waves and the stripes represent all 14 of the counties that are in Chicago, which Cook County is one of them. The blue and red are together because although these people are getting killed we are promoting peace within the all 14 of the counties. The Black is the lining to represent that we have to have strength to get through all this violence going on so that we can have peace in the future.

Strong Buck

I used the elk as a sign of strength and stamina, to keep moving forward and with a strong spirit. The Blue represents our creativity, loyalty and our freedom and the Gold is too show this this county’s achievements. With the county behind it in the center of all of its glory and respected traits.


The light blue lines represent the lake and rivers. The dark blue and yellow are 6 in total and it represents the 6 areas and I used those colors because it was some of the colors that they were using in their original flag. I put star so it could represent Chicago and red for it could represent health care. I used the green so it represent the forest.

Strides for Cook County Flag

My flag is a representation of power within a community and the things that represent how a community should be. Cook County should be powerful with the encouragement, trust and growth of the people in the community. The color orange represents encouragement, we should encourage each other to be better people and strive for better things. The color blue represents trust, the inhabitants in cook county should be able to trust the justice department and the justice department should work it’s hardest to obtain the trust of the citizens of the county. Lastly, green represents growth. I put green last because having encouragement and trust will help cook county grow and become better. The triangle symbol brings it all together and represents the power that cook county should hold by achieving the things the colors represent.


Colors: Black, green, blue, and yellow

Meanings/Symbolism: Geographically, black is for the city, especially its skyscrapers, which are predominantly black. Green stands for nature in the county, especially the forest preserves. Blue stands for the waters of the county, especially Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. Yellow stands for the sun shining over the county. The 6 points on the star stand for the 6 regions of the county.

Idealistically, black stands for strength, stability, and diversity (the color black contains all of the other colors, i.e., it “absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them to the eyes”). Green stands for growth and renewal. Blue stands for peace, calm, relaxation, and perseverance. Finally, yellow stands for hope and happiness.

Stars and Stripes

The flag represents, as a whole, Chicago, Cook County Symbols, and Lake Michigan. More specifically, the blue rectangle on the left side represents Lake Michigan. The 5 red stars surrounding the yellow circle represent the 5 suburban districts of Cook County, the yellow circle represents the county flower, the red star in the yellow circle represents Chicago, the green rectangle represents the forest preserve, and the blue stripes divide the green rectangle into 6 regions to represent the 6 regions of Cook County

Stars & Blue

The blue background represents the color of Lake Michigan. The big star represents how many centuries it’s been since Cook County was found. I wanted to represent the 189 years since Cook County has been founded. I used small stars to show each decade.


there 8 stars represent the different things in cook county
the red star means how cook county provides health care and hospitality
the blue stars represent the blue water of Lake Michigan
the green star represents the commitment to the preservation of the environment and forest preserves by cook county
the yellow star represents the transporting like buses and roadways all around cook county
the white stars represents the people and the major towns in the north,west,south basically everything in cook county and the light green background represents the green grass in the summer all around cook county

Starry Sky

This flag uses many different elements in it’s design to represent Cook County. The blue on the flag represents Lake Michigan, and the purple represents the county flower, the purple coneflower. The purple on the flag takes up approximately 41 percent of the flag, to represent the fact that 41 percent of Illinois lives in Cook County. The 6 pointed star in the middle represents the 6 regions of cook county, and represents the fact that Cook County is the 6th largest in land area in Illinois. There are many more aspects of this design that could likely be linked to parts of Cook County.

Star on Lake

Left side flag is green representing the reserved forest. The line slicing through the middle represents the rivers with the blue color from the Chicago flag. The right is blue representing the blue from the lake. The yellow on the right is the sun coming from the east side of the lake. The red star on the side of the sun represents the six main geographic regions of the County. It can also represent the star found in the Chicago flag.

Star on Colors

Red is meant to represent Chicago, Orange is mant to represent Evanston Township High School along with the other schools, Yellow represents the brightness and happiness brought by the youth and children. Green represents the forest preserves, Blue is Lake Michicgan and the Canal, and Purple is for Northwestern. All the colors together represent pride and how people of many different sexualities are welcome. The big star in the middle has 6 points which connect all the regions brought together in Cook County.