Cook County Sunrise Flag

About the Cook County Sunrise Flag

My flag design is inspired by the classic City of Chicago flag, given the significant role that the city plays in Cook County. However, instead of Chicago blue, I’ve opted for a teal color. The teal represents all the nature found in Cook County – a literal color combination of the lake, rivers, forest preserves and sky. Its dominant position at the top of the design represents how the County has assigned greater priority to its care over the years and the steps towards becoming more green as a region.

The white triangle field represents the land of Cook County. The white border surrounding both fields denotes the administrative nature that the county serves.

The red star is clearly a nod to the City and what Cook County is inextricably known for, but also symbolizes the sun as it rises above the environment and its people, signifying a new day and positivity. The six points represent the six geographic regions of Cook County: Chicago, North, Northwest, West, South and Southwest.

Finally, the diagonal nature of the design denotes the energy and dynamism of the county and its influence on the region. 

Dave Straus

Vice President of Sales & Marketing Chicago American Manufacturing LLC