Dynamic Tricolor Flag

The Dynamic Tricolor Flag

This design for the new flag is a simple and striking solution, using 3 fields of color with a single star at its center. The blue field on the “east” represents our great Lake Michigan with its signature shoreline symbolized along the edge. The angled white field represents the Chicago and urban areas of the county, a dynamic region that sits between the blue lake and the green spaces to the west. The green field represents the more suburban regions with their many parks and vast forest preserves. The centered red star, with its many angles coming together from different directions, represents not only the cultural diversity of the people of the county but also the fact that Cook County is the hub of transportation and commerce for the region, while giving a nod to the City of Chicago stars. (The five suburban regions could also be represented by the blue bands on the right).

This flag powerfully symbolizes the unique aspects of Cook County in a simple, strong, and sharp design that will proudly fly overhead.