An Angel in the Sky

Sky Blue: the sky blue hill which represents cook county, and simultaneously also represents Lake Michigan, a famous and popular attraction for tourists and also a part of the pride and culture of Chicago.

White: The white background represents peace, and is also enveloping the hill, which means that Cook County is a peaceful place, apart from division, and instead united like a family.

Red: The red star represents how Cook County has played a large role in the development of the modern United States, providing health care, regardless of the ability to pay.

The Star: the star has 6 points which each point represents each of the 6 main geographic regions [City of Chicago and the five suburban regions (North, Northwest, West, Southwest, South)], the star also is hovering over the hill (cook county) as a light and a beacon of hope, the star also brings peace to cook county as it acts like an “”angel in the sky”” protecting the county, this detail also intertwines with the white background. Also the star in the sky also intertwines with the red detail about healthcare, as a star in the sky can represent leadership because people look up to the star for guidance. And cook county has played a leadership role in the development of the US with healthcare. Homage: The color scheme and the 6 pointed star additionally pays homage to the city of Chicago, the county seat capital.

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