Colors of Cook County

The base color of the flag is white to symbolize the openness and understanding that Cook County has. Cook County is well known for its progressive attitude that I think allows a lot of openness to multiple diversities that reside in our home. White can also be used to symbolize the start of a new beginning on a more personal level, as this is the start of a new beginning with a new flag.

The light blue is used to pay homage to Chicago, as it is a very big part of Cook County culture. This is also why the light blue has the same stripes that the Chicago flag so famously has.

The dark blue and greens are in a circle that wraps around Cook County itself; Cook County is surrounded by nature. I used green to represent the forest preserves and darker blue to represent the ocean.

Gold is used to pay homage to our past. The past flag and the past of our history. The points are also a part of our past, so it is gold. There is 17 points, these points represent the 17 board members. The gold band is to represent the history that holds Cook County together, and that is why it is wrapped around the middle of the flag. Finally, Cook County itself is gold, as we are our history.

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