Content with Cook County

My flag design is called “Content with Cook County”. The purpose of this title is to
explicate the ways in which our county and the cities and towns involved have shown that they
exist and play a large role. The background of my flag design features two major colors: baby
blue, to symbolize the rivers and lakes that are hosted by Cook, and green to represent the
forest preserves and wildlife. Another way I like to look at the green is a reflection of the water.
The green may represent the green dye that spreads across the Chicago River every March for
St. Patrick’s day, considering we are the only ones to do such a thing. It’s really subjective in
nature because it could mean anything to a Cook County resident. The gold star and its twenty
four points represent the twenty four cities and towns that reside within Cook. The gold strip that
cuts through the star illustrates the railway system. The railway system that cuts through Cook
County and connects the different regions of the entirety of it. The X in the middle of to me
reminds me of the railway system as well, but it could also insinuate the divide between the
North side of Chicago and The South side of Chicago. Lastly, the six dots represent the six
major league sports teams that reside in the Chicagoland area: the Chicago Cubs, Chicago
White Sox, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Sky, and Chicago Fire.

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