Cook Leads the Way

“The field of blue conveys vigilance, perseverance, and justice. It is representative of the waterways of the County and Lake Michigan, which not only form a large part of the County’s area, but which have also been integral to its history and development. The singular star represents the unity of the county. It is reminiscent of the iconography used on the flag of Chicago, recognizing the important role that the City has played in the County’s history. The star sits in the Northeastern corner of the flag, much like Cook County’s position in the State of Illinois. The star also conveys the guiding force that Cook County has served in pushing the bounds of American innovation in the arts and sciences. There are four multi-colored, horizontal bands that signify the diversity of the County. Taken individually, each band represents a key facet of the County’s existence: -The red represents the rich, but sometimes troubled, history of the County from which we came. -The black represents industry, so critical to the growth of the County. -The green represents the natural beauty and resources of Cook County. -The yellow represents the golden future of the County that we aspire to. Red, black, and green are the pan-African colors; they serve a double meaning to recognize the important role that people of color, and especially African Americans, have played in the County’s history.”

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