Cook’s Star Rise

The field of blue conveys vigilance, perseverance, and justice. It is representative of the waterways of the County and Lake Michigan, which not only form a large part of the County’s area, but which have also been integral to its history and development.

There are two Y-shaped prongs. The red prong points backward and is the rich history of the County, which lies behind us but continues to serve as a memory of where we’ve come from. The orange prong points forward and represents a beam of light from the rising sun that leads the County into its future. At the confluence of remembrance and progress is the white six-pointed star; like a beating heart, it pumps the lifeblood of the country and pours out joy. The star’s central position mimics Cook County’s central placement in the geographical and cultural landscape of the nation. Additionally, the meeting of so many colors at the singular six-pointed star conveys the unity that the people of Cook County find in their diversity.

The six-pointed star as well as the prong design are reminiscent of the iconography used on the flag of Chicago in its current form, as well as the form it took in 1892. While this design recognizes the important role that the City of Chicago has played in the County’s history, it includes perspectives that represent the entire county, not just the City.

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