Liberty of Minorities For All

This flag is effective because it holds a message that is more eye opening to so that people can realize that though this a beautiful city, with beautiful people and quality that compose this city– There are parts of the city that people don’t bring awareness to. The Stripes, stars, and colors all have meaning that compose this flag. Maroon representing the discrimination of minorities; black representing the darkness that the city encounters within lower-middle class and/or lower class civilians in the city; and gold representing the hope of Minorities within the city, though there is a sense of chaos. The stars representing issues that Minorities specifically experience within cook county; The stripes representing the segregation within the city of Chicago; and the arrangement of the stars represent the chaotic society with politics, Economics, and social classes. Though this flag is my end result, this was not my original design because originally the flag was going to have bright colors, however I thought the colors should match the message the flag has.

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