Morning Sunshine (Symbolic/Figurative Version)

Colors: Yellow, light blue, dark blue, and orange

Meanings/Symbolism: As with the previous, literal version of this flag, yellow is the sun; the light blue at the top is the sky; and, the dark blue at the bottom is Lake Michigan. So, the sun rising in the morning out of Lake Michigan into the sky above. Finally, the 6 points on the star/sun represent the 6 regions of Cook County and the sun shining equally over those 6 regions.

Idealistically, as with the previous, literal version of this flag, yellow represents hope and happiness; light blue at the top represents peace and calm and relaxation; and dark blue represents the deep steady loyalty that is part and parcel of our Midwestern values. There is this added component: the orange at the bottom of the 6-pointed star stands for the hope and happiness not yet fully realized in the county. It represents the unfinished work that WILL be realized. It is the hope for the future; the hope of a new day. The county is hard at work to bring a brighter, more hopeful future for all of its citizens, but there is still work to do; and, more importantly, that work WILL be accomplished.

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