Pax Flag

In this design, I chose to focus on specific colors that represent the many beautiful and diverse regions of Cook County.I have tried to keep it as simple as possible, so that even a two year old can draw it. The following colors mean:

Green: The many forested areas of Cook County, including Forest Preserve. The green is placed horizontally to represent our commitment to keeping the forest clean, safe and perpetual so that it can continue to thrive for years to come.

Blue: Represents the large bodies of water, such as Lake Michigan, but also the many rivers like, the Des Plains, and Illinois rivers. The rectangle was made to be quite huge as the bodies of water are major source for our survival and our love of the open water.

White: Represents the peace, and humanity towards one another. I made sure to make white the most prevalent color to revel its purity. Also stands for the bright vision of the future that every citizen should strive to follow. I added two rectangles next to the green, as way of showing the peace to be also everlasting.

Symbol: 5 pointed star: Represents are duty as citizen of these United States, and also as citizen of Cook County. Each point represents the 5 distinct regions coming together in common goal, to work for the better tomorrow.

This is my description of my flag. I hope you enjoyed it. As a citizen of the greatest country on earth I would be deeply honored to have my flag hoisted up along side the Stars and Stripes.

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