The People of Cook

The name of my flag design is “People Of Cook.” I chose this name because it represents some of the important elements in the flag design. On the flag, you will see a red star in the middle with five points. The red star is like the stars on the Chicago flag signifying that Chicago is one of the regions in Cook County. The five points on the star represent the impacts Cook County has made to develop the U.S today by providing health care, transportation and roadways, comprehensive provision of the justice system, preservation of the environment/forest preserves, and as a center of commerce for the nation. Another element of the flag is the people surrounding the star. These five people around the star represent the people from Cook County’s four main regions which are, North, Northwest, West, Southwest, and South. They are seen as holding hands because it signifies unity in the county. The background color of the flag is white. The color white signifies peace. The horizontal white stripes represent Lake Michigan and other rivers in our county. The thin green horizontal lines under the blue lines, represent the forest preserves in our county. Lastly, the 6 points at corners and side of the flag represent the six main geographic regions of the county. They are there to show what makes up Cook County.

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