Stars and Stripes

The flag represents, as a whole, Chicago, Cook County Symbols, and Lake Michigan. More specifically, the blue rectangle on the left side represents Lake Michigan. The 5 red stars surrounding the yellow circle represent the 5 suburban districts of Cook County, the yellow circle represents the county flower, the red star in the yellow circle represents Chicago, the green rectangle represents the forest preserve, and the blue stripes divide the green rectangle into 6 regions to represent the 6 regions of Cook County

The Six Star Flag

About the Six Star Flag

Representing the numerous, marvelous qualities of Cook County, The Six Star Flag seeks to honor said respected qualities through representation of county landmarks and cultures.

  • Blue and green majorities: Represents Lake Michigan and the Cook County Forest Preserve.
  • Five White Stars: Represents the 5 suburban regions while also being arranged on the flag in the N, NW, W, SW, & S directions in which they appear in Cook County.
  • Curved, White Line: The curved, white line represents the pathways and transportation through Cook County: The Forest Preserve, Chicago Riverwalk, innovative historical highways, & railways.
  • Yellow Circle with Red Star: The red star, identical to that of the Chicago Flag, represents Chicago while also contrasting the yellow circle which represents the yellow found within the center of the county flower, the Echinacea. Together, they additionally represent the Great Chicago Fire through the red and yellow contrast to symbolize the fire at the center of the rebuilding of Chicago and Cook County as a whole.