Our Star

This design features the classic Chicago star. The yellow stripe represents the land of Cook County and the prarie lands. The two light blue stripes represent the lake and the rivers in Cook County. The dark blue represents the strength and prosperity of Cook County and it is the same color that is on the seal of the county. There is also five stripes representing the five regions within Cook County while the star represents the sixth region, Chicago.

Our Star Flag

About the Our Star Flag

This flag combines all of the important land and iconic features of Cook County. The yellow stripe represents the prairie land, our foundation. The dark blue represents Lake Michigan while the light blue represents the rivers of Cook County. The dark blue is also used to represent the previous county flag and seal, since it is a similar dark blue color. The five stripes in total represent the five regions of Cook County while the white star represents the sixth, Chicago.

Scott Rench

Associate Creative Director Keurig Dr Pepper Inc

Sofia Hogue

texture wall white colors

Sofia Hogue


Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

1. How does the flag you designed represent who you are and what you care about?
My flag represents the land and waters of Cook county. I’m big on nature so making something related to what our county was built on was really important to me. 

2. Why did you decide to join the Flag 2021 competition?
I joined the flag contest because it was a part of my school’s graphic design class curriculum. I wasn’t expecting to get anywhere with it but here we are! 

3. What did you learn about Cook County that surprised you?
I mainly learned a lot about the nature of Cook county, but the thing that surprised me most is that Cook county is the second most populated county in the country. 

4. Tell us a short story about your collaboration with your flag mentor/partner(s).
My process was really interesting because I had never worked with a mentor before in my work. I thought I was just going to be tweaking and perfecting my design, but it turns out I ended up making at least a 100 different flags with varying levels of adjustments. Though we ended up loving my original design with slightly different colors the most of all.