Cook County Union

This name is meant to describe the positive community and residents that reside in cook county. We all work and stand together to make our beliefs and ideas a reality such as affordable health care and environmental protection. The green color of the flag represents the environment and the importance of it. It represents how we view the environment as an important aspect to our county. The red represents the affordable health care that has been made available to many. Even through difficult times there are ways that people can get financial help to afford health care and that is a major success of cook county. The blue represents the rivers that run through cook county feeding into Lake Michigan. These rivers connect all of Cook County through various points. The railroad or train-looking white line going through the middle of the flag is there to represent our vast transportation and how it revolutionized the area of cook county by further being able to bring people together. Lastly, the star/sun shape represents the 5 regions of cook county with the middle semicircle representing Chicago and Lake Michigan. Even though we are separate regions we all connect to one another which is what this shape demonstrates. In all, the flag itself represents our community and the things we stand for and believe in.

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