Alfred’s Flag

The name of the flag is Alfred’s flag or “Al’s flag” as this flag is named after Alfred Jensen Road.

Star meaning:
A six pointed star to represent the County’s seat in Chicago. The six points also represents There are six main geographic regions of the County and the suburban regions that inhabit them.

Blue represents:
Lake Michigan, the rivers which run throughout the County and feed the lake. The color blue in the flag represents the trust and wisdom of the Cook County and of its officials.

White represents:
The people who come from all over the nation and the world and there strive for peace and love.

Red represents:
The Cook County’s sacrifice during both World Wars and the suffering of people who have lost their lives to gun violence. Red also stands for providing health care, and the commitment to the justice system.

Y-Shape represents: Cook County’s transportation and roadways, including big urban expressways and airport service, and the historical water ways. The shape also highlights the county’s historical ,and present importance as a railway and industrial hub.

DPC (Daniel Pope Cook) Flag / Cook’s Flag

About the DPC (Daniel Pope Cook) Flag / Cook’s Flag

The stars represent the three primary mission objectives that Cook County government performs on behalf of the residents of Cook County. The stars’ design also invokes a sense of familiarity with the stars in the Chicago city flag but are different in that the County’s stars have 7 points vs. 6 points on the City’s stars.

  • The first star represents Health Care. Cook County plays a major role in providing health care and health resources through its county-wide network of hospitals and clinics.
  • The second star reflects Law & Justice, which is supported through the County’s circuit court system, and the Offices of Public Defender, State’s Attorney, and Sheriff.
  • The third star represents the County’s commitment to the Environment and Open Spaces. This is accomplished through its support and maintenance of the Forest Preserves of Cook County.

The 7 points on all 3 stars together represent Illinois’ admission as the 21st state of the Union. Daniel Pope Cook, whom Cook County is named after, was a leader, congressman, and the driving force for Illinois’s admission into the union. The colors blue and gold reflect the color gold in the current Cook County seal.

Blue also represents Lake Michigan, where the shoreline of Chicago and Cook County reside. The three blue fields also represent the three geographic regions of Cook County which primarily are, northwest, north, and south. The blue of the three regions of Cook County is also the same color blue on the U.S. flag, which represents perseverance and justice.

In the Y symbol, the wavy lines represent the north and south branches of the Chicago River, which converge on the heavy, straight line which symbolizes Cook County’s roads and highway system and its continued role to support and maintain the countywide network of roads and highways.

And lastly, the color white represents the respect and acceptance of all county-wide neighborhoods and neighbors towards one another.

Simon Koziol

Simon Koziol

1.  How does the flag you designed represent who you are and what you care about? 
My flag symbolizes two important traits/values, that is, 1. Perseverance and 2. Understanding. Through these two traits this flag represents me as I persevere through life’s many challenges, and also try to understand different aspects of life and the people who exist in it. In that way my flag embodies my philosophy, my soul, and my creativity as a human being.

2.  Why did you decide to join the Flag 2021 competition?
Through the centuries, people have united under flags or symbols to face the challenges of the day. My hope is that this flag would be able to heal the wounds of our society and bring people together under one goal; Prosperity for all.

 3.  What did you learn about Cook County that surprised you?
An observation that I made throughout the journey of creating this flag is seeing how important and expansive the roles that Cook County fulfils, so that the average citizen would be able to thrive.

 4. Tell us a short story about your collaboration with your flag mentor/partner(s). (3-5 sentences)
I remember a particular moment in which my mentor Mr. McNamara, recommended switching my original flags six-pointed star to a seven pointed star. The reason was to show familiarity with the Chicago City flag, yet staying original. In that particular moment a lightbulb when off in which the many ideas for the flag came and allowed me and my mentor to create the flag you are currently looking at right now. Something familiar, but also something original.