Alfred’s Flag

The name of the flag is Alfred’s flag or “Al’s flag” as this flag is named after Alfred Jensen Road.

Star meaning:
A six pointed star to represent the County’s seat in Chicago. The six points also represents There are six main geographic regions of the County and the suburban regions that inhabit them.

Blue represents:
Lake Michigan, the rivers which run throughout the County and feed the lake. The color blue in the flag represents the trust and wisdom of the Cook County and of its officials.

White represents:
The people who come from all over the nation and the world and there strive for peace and love.

Red represents:
The Cook County’s sacrifice during both World Wars and the suffering of people who have lost their lives to gun violence. Red also stands for providing health care, and the commitment to the justice system.

Y-Shape represents: Cook County’s transportation and roadways, including big urban expressways and airport service, and the historical water ways. The shape also highlights the county’s historical ,and present importance as a railway and industrial hub.

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