From Suburbs to City

This flag was designed by Maddie, Nicole, Lizzette, and myself during our architecture class at New Trier. The blue color is for Lake Michigan. We are blessed to have access to such a beautiful body of water and it is centered in the flag. The green is for the forest preserves that we are so lucky to have. Also, near New Trier Township, we have the Botanic Gardens, which are an attraction for all Cook County residents as well. The yellow represents the western side of cook county which is much more rural and agricultural. They provide corn and wheat to our county and beyond; without them we wouldn’t have as many resources as we do. Lastly, the Chicago Skyline can be seen. Although Chicago isn’t the entirety of Cook County, it is a huge part of it. Furthermore, the people of Cook County all resonate and pull their identity from the city. It is home to so many different ethnicities and cultures, and having it as the centerpiece of our flag shows how diverse Cook County really is.

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