Geomatic Flag

Colors: Yellow, blue, green, and orange

Meanings/Symbolism: The 6 stars with 6 points stand for the 6 regions of Cook County. The yellow in the stars stands for the sun rising over the 6 regions of Cook County. Green stands for spring, nature, forest preserves, and parks in the county. Blue stands for the waters of the county (Lake Michigan, Chicago River, etc.). Orange stands for the sun rising in the morning. There are 7 divisions of the green stripe at the top and the orange stripe at the bottom. Those 7 divisions represents the diversity in the county made up of people from all of the 7 continents of the world.

Idealistically, green stands for brightness, beauty, peace, re-birth, and re-growth. Orange stands for the unity of a new day, peace, and connection. Yellow stands for hope and happiness. And, blue stands for peace, calm, and relaxation.

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